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Visibility is the New Stealth!

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By: Muhammad Ali Hassan

January 15, 2017

magnified-windowEstimated reading time: 1 minuteAs technology advances so is the surveillance and invasion of our privacy.For a few decades, tech giants, people, human rights activists, and several other groups have been trying to come up with a way to avoid or block surveillance and hence there are a number of inventions to handle that matter.However, the more we try to evade, the more we put ourselves in perspective. Consequently, more focus is then put on the ones who try to block "Big Brother", "The eye in the Sky", Global Watch programs, phone makers and secret agencies who create a pact to record our biometrics etc., and others alike.With numerous agencies watching our every move via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and recording our biometrics via new fingerprint recognizing phones, it is getting more and more difficult to live off the grid.I have found a way to stay out of focus by staying close to the camera lens. The closer you get; the vision becomes blurred, and the chances of being in focus lessen. Give it a try sometime. Stay close to a camera lens and take the picture, it will come out blurred.So, the ultimate stealth is becoming more and more "visible" by getting closer to the Watch Dogs. You know what they say, "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer."We deserve our right to privacy and the right for our personal information to not be shared with anyone without our consent. Period.Have your own thoughts on this matter? Let me know in the comments! Thanks.
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