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Video Tutorial: XSS – Cross Site Scripting

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By: xyra

June 5, 2016

Cross Site Scripting is the consequence of a vulnerability in websites or client software. It allows an attacker to inject his/her own malicious code. It's used either to trick the user to believe that the injected code is part of the website or to run scripts which are not distributed by the website itself. Do you know the difference between a DOM-Based, a Non-Persistent and a Persistent attack?

Watch this video tutorial to know more about Cross Site Scripting:

What do these attacks look like and how they are used? Watch me exploiting my self-written demo websites. Also, stay tuned if you want to know - as a programmer or as a website visitor - what you can do to protect yourself against Cross Site Scripting.

A Big Thanks to: Beatfeld Breakwede for creating the awesome Intro-and Outro-Music!

– xyra
– Miriam Wiesner
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