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[Video Series] Kali Linux Command Line For Beginners. PT 1 - Introduction

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By: bjacharya

November 12, 2016

Hello Cybrarians, now, this is a new series that I've started. Almost all other OP3N contents of mine are related to Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security. But this is different one. In this Series, I will completely focus on creating "Videos for Kali Linux Commands, and absolutely for beginners. This 'Intro' video outlines the importance of BT5R3 and Kali Linux commands in the field of Hacking and cyber security. And highlights the course contents that I'll cover in this series. I'm sure, if you guys are beginners in this Command field of Kali Linux, then you'll surely love this video series. Well, in next video (PT 2), we will see all about Commands to work with Directories in Kali Linux.
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