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Using No Redirect Plugins to Defeat 302 Redirect Headers

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By: baphomet1488

March 10, 2017

302-redirectNaturally, the first question you may have would be WHY would you want to Defeat a 302 Redirect Header?A 302 Redirect header is designed to direct a browser away from locations on a website that the Administrators do not want you to access. These can be things such as configuration files that contain sensitive data, or even the CMS administrative panel. I have actually even used No Redirect plugins to bypass authentication on poorly designed CMS login page. By requesting the /admin/ page and disallowing redirection to /admin/login.php I was able to access the CMS panel with full privilege without any type of login information whatsoever.In my time spent penetration testing I have found numerous sites that will use 302 redirect headers to protect access to their CMS admin panels. Obtaining this access anyways can be a critical skill to have in your toolset as a penetration tester. The plugin I use for this also will display the full address path on websites whose Content Management System use shortened URLs. Knowing the GET parameters without resorting to trial and error can be important when trying to test for SQL Injection or Cross-site scripting. Disallowing redirects can also force a site to load manual injection attempts, where normally the behavior would be to redirect you to the homepage rather than executing the additional code you have appended to the URLs get parameter.I would recommend this plugin: is very easy! Open the preferences and add the URL you would like to set permissions for and then set the permissions accordingly!You're good to go! Start testing ... responsibly. 
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