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Using *Juliar* to Fool Webcam Hackers

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By: Rattar

November 8, 2016

pixabaycamera-1219748_640Hey, guys!Do you know that there are sites that allow you to take over a computer by remote control and even access the camera?You know this is disturbing behavior! Someone is looking at everything you do on your computer and on top of that he's watching you through the webcam while you're watching the screen.With the new *Juliar * system module (to be released in 2017) you can potentially prevent this kind of creepiness.The Plan of Action:

1) Record a few different videos.

2) Save the videos somewhere on your computer...possibly in a password protected folder (don't worry Juliar can open encrypted files/folders)

3) You can now use *Juliar * and the new system module to assign system keys on your keyboard that will play different videos. Why system keys? Usually, they are at a low enough level for keyloggers not to notice.

4) Run Juliar in incognito mode and make sure it mimics svhost.exe if you're using Windows. This way Juliar won't be easily detected.

5) At any time you can change videos by using the system keys.

Your webcam is now secure.  If anyone tries to access it, he'll see the videos you've pre-assigned, not a live image.  You can use any videos for this purpose.Now, you might be wondering. What else can I do? Well, let's protect our screen.You've probably used software like Remote Access and Teamviewer to see the screen.  But what if I tell you that with the Juliar module, you can separate screens?That's right; you can have two virtual desktops!With Juliar (and the Juliar system module)  it's possible to send only one screen while letting the 2nd screen be invisible.Alright, now we're close to completely fooling the person on the other side. Here's the final piece of the puzzle:With Juliar let's create a 2nd Cursor that will do the same thing as the first cursor on the screen. So we'll create a small visual cursor in Juliar.That's it! We can now fool a person taking over our computer. Enjoy! Let's welcome Juliar into our lives for making this super easy.If any of you are interested in this, I could potentially help launch the program.Visit for more information.
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