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Using Juliar to Create "Hello World"

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By: Rattar

April 17, 2017

juliar-hello-worldHello Cybrarian Fans,Welcome to the latest tutorial of the Juliar Programming Language.As you know, Juliar has undergone some major changes internally and externally to mainstream the development process.As you may also know, Juliar continues to focus on security and security building applications.So, let's get started.
  • You need to download the latest Juliar version found at
  • Click on "All Systems" to download the latest JuliarFuture.jar
  • Double click on JuliarFuture.jar and it will open the application. If the application doesn't open, please make sure to download JDK at
  • Once the application has started you will be greeted with a changelog. Ignore that and go to file->new
  • In the window, type the following:

`function main() = {

printLine("Hello World");


  • Then click Run -> Run Interpreter.
  • You should now see the output "Hello World"
Congratulations it's that simple.Now try editing printLine to display other texts :)You've just learned the simplest Juliar program you can make.
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