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Ultimate USB Rubber Ducky Recon Script

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By: D'Angelo Gonzalez

May 9, 2017


This script does a lot but has some impactful key features that are worth reviewing.

The Rubber Ducky Recon Script displays the current WiFi Connections credentials by exploiting the [*] character in Command Prompt, which acts as "everything". So in this script, we are using the

 * in netsh wlan show profile name=* key=clearThus, regardless of the access point's name, so long as it's wifi, it will display the key (password). Another thing we are "exploiting" is the ability to copy a command prompt's output, and send it via SMTP through Powershell. The Notepad file which will copy all of command prompt's output is located in the windows temp folder (C:WindowsTempXInfo.txt) which is a relatively common location but is also not often looked through.Yet another thing this script does is display open ports on the computer. But we don't really need to go in depth on that at the moment. Finally, the script creates an access point with the credentials then [ssid=Insecure key=Insecurities] drops the windows firewall if it is not already dropped. Let me know if you have any questions by submitting them in the comments below.rubber-ducky
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