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How Building Trust Can Change Your Life

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By: Dr3AMCoDeR

April 1, 2016

How Building Trust Can Change Your Life - Cybrary Hi Cybrary people! Thanks for your enormous support. I'm back with another inspiring article, because people were asking me: "What deeper value motivates developers and ethical hackers (more than money)?" Hopefully, this article will expand your views. Keep in mind these are solely my professional opinions and this post is for educational purposes only. Fundamental TrustWe live in a technology-driven world, which affects our qualify of life in positive and negative ways. Overall, technology has helped the world through unforeseen and powerful connections, and through information sharing. As Info-Sec and IT professionals, we are keepers of information that we must always protect. Many end-users don't really know how things work "under the hood." They put blind faith in the technology, taking so much for granted without knowing how their information is be used. Often, they're information is left unprotected and we must solve their data-related problems. As a developer, general IT tech or cyber security professional, in addition to understanding and leveraging technology, you must strive to build trust. Your base mission is to research and build software or hardware tools that help people in a variety of tasks, which builds fundamental trust. Practical ways to build fundamental trust with end-users is through effective technical solution choices and proactive data protection.
  • Almost all C# developers use Visual Studio. Do they trust this software? Of course they do. Why? Because they've experienced the reputation of this programming tool for years.
  • Conversely, I have a friend who never uses Windows 10 because it collects too much data, meaning someone can read potentially private information. Yet, I believe the developer team of Windows 10 must collect data so they can make Windows more secure and stable. It's a trade-off.
  • Lastly, it is my belief that Android phones can't be trusted because many applications collect more data than needed. The Flashlight application reads all contacts, all calls, all pictures etc. Why would this app need to read contacts? I advise you to be careful and never trust something that doesn't feel "right".
 So, as an IT/cybersecurity person, always strive to build trust when you think about hardware/software performance and information sharing. Specifically, consider how information would be shared, why would be shared and how it will affect people using these products and services. Deeper TrustAs an IT, general tech or info sec professional, your core mission is to keep sensitive information secure and never abuse it, which cultivates deeper trust. Building trust is central to a safe and happy life. Generally, we feel better when we trust people and would pay more to companies with whom we have trust. In your personal life, when you toss baby gently in the air, he or she smiles because it trusts that you'll catch him or her. In an idealistic world, all of us should aspire to build trust and seek to surround ourselves with people we trust. Thank you for reading this article. Feel free to contact me with any questions. 

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