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My Top Tips For Preparing and Passing The CISSP Exam

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By: Responsible Cyber

June 20, 2017

I would like to share 3 TIPS to be prepared for the CISSP exam, and opportunities for #women to start a #career in #cybersecurity.The (ISC)² Women’s InformationSecurity Scholarship program is directed by the Center for Cyber Safety and Education. Women who are passionate about Cyber Security should apply to the program. The process is simple and a jury deliberates on various criteria. Different scholarships summing up to US$40,000 are awarded, and international applicants are accepted. Share to raise awareness about the topic, and opportunity.For those of you who may not know, CISSP® - Certified Information Systems Security Professional is a vendor-neutral certification issued by (ISC)2. (ISC)² is a globally recognized, non-profit organization providing great cyber security support to the infosec community, as well as a recognition for their skills.Now, on to my top tips!

TIP#1 Don’t be too confident

The CISSP exam is not a simple questionnaire. It does require knowledge and technical capabilities.
I failed my first attempt ...
My first attempt for the CISSP exam was a good learning point. Working in cyber security, and being confident about my experience, and knowledge, I sat on the day of the exam, and I was like “ Oh Gosh !”In fact, questions are written in a particular way, and some answers might seem to have exactly the same meaning. I am sure that there are many of us who did fail the first attempt, but saying it out loud is important to make sure that we encourage others and inspire them to try again with the right preparation.

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 This post was written by Magda CHELLY, as part of Responsible Cyber.
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