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Top Free Methods For Exporting Mac Outlook 2016 to PST

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By: justin hansen

June 16, 2018

Summary: This article is about how to export Mac Outlook 2016 to PST file format. The user will get a clear idea about OLM and PST file types, their needs, and their differences. We will also learn about different techniques to migrate from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook with the help of the SysTools OLM Converter.Although Mac and Windows Outlook are very much similar in terms of functionality, the two differ in their data storage formats. Mac creates an OLM file, whereas Windows Outlook creates a PST file. To switch from Mac to Windows Outlook, we must convert OLM files into PST files. This is the only way to access your old email messages and other contents in your new email. Microsoft does not provide any tools to export Mac Outlook 2016 to PST, so we can do it manually or by using a Mac Outlook 2016 export tool.

What are OLM and PST Files?

  • OLM File: When a user works in Mac Outlook, the application creates an OLM file (Outlook Database File) on the local computer. It stores email messages, calendar data, tasks, contacts, journals, etc.
  • PST File: A PST file (Personal Storage Table) is a Windows Outlook data file. It stores data for POP3, IMAP, all mail folders, appointments, contacts, tasks, calendar data, journals, and more.

Reasons to Export Mac Outlook 2016 to PST

There are different reasons for which we have to switch from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook; some of them are below.
  • Traveling
  • Change of company or organization
  • Changing or upgrading of a computer
  • Temporarily using a different computer for email access
  • Working on multiple computers at a time

Methods to Export Mac Outlook 2016 to PST

Users can migrate from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook manually or by using a tool. Below are the methods users can use to get the desired results.

Method#1: Manual Method to Export Mac Outlook 2016 to PST

This method is used as a temporary solution for Mac Outlook Export to PST. It is a bit of a long method, and one should be very clear about the procedure. In the following steps, we will see how to convert OLM files to PST format:
    • Launch Mac Outlook and go to File > Export.
launch mac outlook
    • In the Outlook Export Wizard, enable the radio buttons of ‘Outlook for Mac Data File’ and click on the right arrow.
mac outlook export wizard
    • Choose an option, whether it's to delete items after exporting or not, and click on the right arrow.Warning: Before proceeding to this step, make backups of the original OLM files, since data could be lost during exporting.
    • Enter the name and file location of the OLM file and click Save.
full name
    • Once the export is complete, the user will see a pop-up confirming the process completion.
    • Now, in Mac Outlook, click on Outlook Preferences.
    • Select Accounts from the preferences window.
    • Click on the Add button to expand the menu and choose E-mail from the list.
    • Enter the ID and password of the Gmail account and click Add Account.
    • The user will see a pop-up confirming the configuration of the Gmail account in Mac Outlook.
    • To import the OLM file, click on the New Folder option in the configured Gmail account.
    • Rename the selected folder and go to  File > Import.
    • In the Import Wizard, choose ‘Outlook Data File’ and click on the right arrow.
    • Choose the Outlook for Mac Data File option and click on the right arrow.
    • Select the OLM file that you have taken in Step (4) and click on the Import button.
    • An ‘Import Complete’ message will appear, confirming the importing process.
    • Upon coming back to Mac Outlook, choose all the imported email messages.
    • Right-click on them and go to Move > Choose Folder.
    • Type the folder name or select the Mac OLM file folder, and click on the Move button.
    • Now, all the chosen messages will be moved to the Gmail account that the user has configured in Outlook for Mac.
    • Finally, open Windows Outlook in the targeted machine and configure your Gmail account in it. Upon completion, the user will see all the OLM files that got transferred.

Limitations of the Manual Solution to Export Mac Outlook 2016 to PST

Although the manual procedure gives a user desired results, there are many reasons that one should avoid using a manual process:
  • It is a long procedure, so the user may skip some steps.
  • It does not convert OLM files to PST format; it only exports the mailbox data of OLM files to Windows Outlook.
  • If a file gets damaged during exporting or importing, the user may lose his data.

Method#2: Error-Free Solution to Export Mac Outlook to PST

A user can opt for an error-free solution: the Mac Outlook 2016 Export Tool. It comes with different advanced features, and it is easy to operate. Below are the features and advantages of choosing the Mac Outlook Exporter:
  • Converts all OLM Emails, contacts, notes, and attachments.
  • The user can convert OLM Archive Mail folders to PST.
  • The user can have an instant preview of all emails.
  • Helps with exporting Mac items to PST, MSG, and EML formats.
  • Supports all versions of Windows Outlook (32 and 64 bit).

Learn How to Export Mac Outlook 2016 to PST via the Mac Outlook 2016 Export Tool

    • Launch Mac Outlook Exporter from the installed location.
    • In the tool, click on the Add File button to add an OLM file.
    • Now select the file location and click the Add File button to initiate file scanning.
    • When scanning starts, a user may see a pop-up window showing scanning progress.
    • Once the OLM file scanning process is completed, the user can preview emails in the Normal Mail View tab.
    • Now, the user can select emails to export, right-click on them, and then select the Export option.
    • Now, the user has to select the file format to which he wants to export the OLM file.Note: The user can also split large-sized PST files by choosing the Split PST Option.
    • Browse and select the destination folder, and click on the Export button to begin the exporting process.
    • The software will display the progress of the exporting process.
    • Upon successful completion of the exporting process, the user will see a confirmation dialog box.
    • After this, the user can save the export report.
    • Provide a name for the report and click Save.
    • The export report destination address will be displayed in a pop-up window.
    • Navigate to the location where you, as the user, saved the PST file, and verify the items exported to PST.
    • Now, the PST file data can be previewed in Windows Outlook.

Final Words

Switching workstations creates a lot of trouble, especially when we want to go from accessing our emails in Mac to accessing them in Windows Outlook. This post provides a user-simplified way of switching from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook. We discussed different methods to export Mac Outlook 2016 to PST. The manual method has some limitations, so it is advisable to opt for an instant solution that is the Mac Outlook 2016 Export Tool. This tool is user-friendly and easy to use, and no data is lost with it.
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