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The Top 5 Industries Prone to Computer Infections

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By: Zubair Ansari

October 11, 2018

Top 5 Industries where computers are used, and how they can be infected.
  1. Airports (Flight)
    • Computers are commonly used in an airport for various purpose as like as to approve visas and tickets, an arrangement of an airplane, passengers, passenger’s security and others, etc.
    • Disadvantage: A computer isn’t the complete system, means it can make some interruption on the same case passengers may face difficulties and different types of problems if computer generate any error
  2. Records System (National Base)
    • Every national base records and database system is using a computer as their important and essential part of their system to digitalize the data of citizens as per the new technical era.
    • Disadvantage: Every bit of data is important and needs security to protect it from misuse. Digitizing data has even more disadvantages. It can be compromised by a malicious hacker who can break security to gain access across the database of citizens’ records if a system has any vulnerability.
  3. Research or Experimental Labs
    • In research and experiment lab, computers are commonly used because it is easiest, time-saving and better way to find and collect the latest information and news about the specific topic.
    • Disadvantage: In research centers and labs, Data or white papers are saved in a computer system and computer and computer has a disadvantage that computer can die any time and it can destroy data in just a little while.
  4. Universities or Educational Institutes
    • A computer is now being the main part of our universities and other educational institution days by day to arrange students, faculty and other their teams’ members’ data, attendance and scheduling structure.
    • Disadvantage: As we mentioned above, a computer may die at any time and it can destroy data at any time. In this case, a University can lose their student’s, faculty’s and other members records. And cyber threats can also infect the University’s computer systems.
  5. Manufacturing and Products
    • A computer is also getting popularity in manufacturing and product industries today. To sell and promote their product to the worldwide they are also using computer and E-commerce trading.
    • Disadvantage: As per our new and digital era, E-commerce and e-trading are becoming an essential part of our business .755 of our banking is depend on e-banking this means that our business and an industry are not 100% private. Anyone can infect our system, business, and manufacturing industry with cyber threats.
*Note, this is all based on my own reasoning and deductions. I have not researched this information.
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