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2 Key Elements of Your Info Sec Job Search

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By: DocGreenBanner

June 22, 2015

What are the 2 Key Components of an Info Sec Job Search? - Cybrary

This is a primer for new job seekers and a refresher for seasoned job seekers.

 People often ask, "How do I find and get Info Sec jobs?"This document will:
  • identify online and offline job sources
  • provide key elements of a good resume

Element#1 - Good Job Sources

Online Job Sources

There are many online job sources, but a few stand out above the crowd:

The race is pretty tight on the second two, as they often have crossover or duplicate listings.


A Word About Saved Searches

Most job sites have an alert service for your saved searches (remember to always use the advanced search options when looking for work) . Using these alert agents can save time in logging in and out of a site. The search tool sends matches daily. Some matches are off the mark and some are right on. The search features are constantly being modified and improved for mobile device and smartphone apps.

Don't Knock Craigslist

Some people put Craigslist down. The company I currently work for used Craigslist to post jobs My wife landed her job through the site several years ago. She's still working there and gets raises nearly every year. I’ve also found several short-term project jobs on Craigslist. So, don’t knock it.

The specifics:

  • It typically has the fewest jobs of the sites listed above, which is not always a bad thing
  • You typically have direct contact with the hiring manager
  • You'll be seeing only jobs local jobs
  • You'll most likely be searching the "systems/network" categories for jobs; check out "technical support" and "internet engineers" as well.
  • If you're seeking short-term or part-time work, dive into the ETC. and part-time areas and the gigs/computer area as well.

Internal Job Postings

Perhaps you're currently working in a non-IT job as you seek Info Sec work. If so, check with your supervisor, HR or internal job listing program. You might be surprised with what you find.

 Offline Job Sources

Recruiters can help match your skills with their job openings. Many positions they present may start out as contract or temporary work. Very often, they lead to contract-to-hire or full-hire positions. Recruiters and recruiting agencies are great to reach out to because:

  • they see many listings before they're posted on job boards
  • many agencies communicate with each other about listings and candidates
  • they can offer advice on resumes, interview techniques and knowledge about a potential company or job

Top agencies that come to mind:

Remember: When dealing with recruiters, stay in touch with them very regularly.

Element#2: A Good Resume

Your Resume

Register and create profiles in areas that will serve you. Be sure to keep your MOST up-to-date resume on all sites and with all recruiters at all times. Your online profiles should match your resume as much as possible. Your profiles and resume should both mention all training, education and certifications (all of them).

Create a good resume by including:

  • An engaging summary
  • Proof of expertise (in past jobs, education and other activities)
  • Relevant expertise (when possible)
  • Education highlights (online and offline courses)
  • Clear and ACCURATE contact information that includes your email address and phone number
  • Proper grammar, spelling and punctuation
Have a friend help you edit your resume - a few times. An objective set of eyes will be very helpful.

In Summation:

Using these techniques, you'll likely locate a greater number of postings that better suit your specific needs.Best wishes on your searches. If you have a success story, I’d love to hear it.
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