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Thunderbird Backup Email Data Tool

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By: Tom_Cruiso

July 10, 2018

One should understand that taking complete responsibility for protecting email data using the Thunderbird Backup Email tool should be a top priority for users. Archiving the data from different email clients to local hard drives should only be carried out through a professional tool rather than through a manual process. In the past, users had only one choice: storing data online on cloud storage. Storing data was not a very viable option because the important files and folders of users would get destroyed by professional hackers. InventPure Software Company took the step of developing the most effective tool that properly archives files and also keeps data entirely safe from prominent damage caused by viruses and spyware. The Thunderbird Backup Tool came as a lifesaver for many users who failed to find a reliable solution for archiving their important files and folders.

Get all your Archiving Problems Solved with the Help of InventPure’s Thunderbird Backup Software

It sometimes happens that due to excessive loads of files and data, users stop receiving new emails in their accounts because their storage space is full. To avoid or eliminate such problems, users should adopt a professional tool which perfectly archives files from email clients to the local hard drive of the system. InventPure Software is the most versatile and effective archiving tool in the market that doesn’t lack in performance. It also has some of the most outstanding features for completion of the process.

One such feature is the incremental feature of the software which automatically archives new emails from email accounts to the system. Users only need to synchronize the files with the email clients, and Mail Backup X automatically backs up the data effectively. The incremental feature also alerts the users about incomplete emails and attachments that were not archived. The software also saves a lot of valuable time for users, as it only requires 2-3 minutes for the completion of the Thunderbird Backup Email process. Users can get all the required information related to the backup process from the official website, which is From the website, users can also download the demo version of the software that highlights the true performance of the tool. Users can operate the demo version of the Thunderbird Backup Tool for 15 days to experience the performance of the software.

Thunderbird Backup Tool: The Choice of Millions of Users

When it comes to the process of data archiving, many choices are available to users, but the most reliable option is InventPure’s Mail Backup X, which has taken the software market by storm. The incredible efficiency of this brilliant tool has a fan following of more than 95% of total customers. This proves that no other archiving tool can match the performance of InventPure Software.

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