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The Line Between Security "Privacy" and Socializing

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By: abdallahes

May 8, 2017

personal-data-securityA topic that has filled my mind for some time is the fine line that is often crossed between privacy and social information. We have seen the Mr robot series and how he reflected that security researcher or hackers don't have a good social life, and we all see how social apps entered our lives. Now we share everything we do, and everything we know with other people in the form of posts, photos, videos, and stories.So is it good to make new friends and share good moments with people we love all over the world? And, is it good to make full use of the internet to connect with people in a very short time and live with them happily? Or do we prefer securing our entire life for fear of information being stolen or hacked then don't get to have that experience or fun?Are online people fools? Are they just happy? Or are they both?Are strict and protected people smarter? Are they sad? Both?I think we all face those kinds of questions at some point - when something happens to us socially, professionally, or emotionally - especially people studying cyber security. There is some instance that makes you stop and think about it all for a second and evaluate yourself and how safe you feel.To answer those questions, my opinion is that you can do both!You can use social apps to contact with friends, but you have to choose the degree of privacy you are comfortable with in revealing information about yourself.  Do not be a fool online or a lonely person. The internet is a vast and wonderful place, but just remember how to keep your information safe and use it responsibly.The topic is still confusing no matter how you look at it. I am still searching for an answer, so until next time...
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