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Support for Beginners: Linux OS for Android

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By: tniromin2

March 20, 2018

Termux can be introduced as a pocket edition of Linux OS, and I am highly recommending this for both beginners and package developers.You may visit their site  < HERE   > and you may learn a few basics and aid your self from <Here>This OS(apk)  has a 99% similarity of commands in Linux and the difference is occurred due to the edition giving the basic commands at start < apk (12 mb) >  and when you are familiar with the basics you can install other supporting commands. And you can also download packages(softwares like black hydra , java compiler) made by users  and it also supports programming tools like python . This is also a powerful tool for networking, secure shell login (SSH)<=link for aid), file transfer protocol (ftp) and much more.This is also a powerful tool for ethical hackers and web developer in career.WORD FROM ME=LEARN AND DEVELOP, SOLVE YOUR ISSUES YOURSELF<SELF STUDY>GOOD LUCK I DONT WANT TO WASTE UR TIME JUST GO AND SEEHELP=<TYPE pkg install gitclone  AND TYPE gitclone <url>  TO INSTALL PACKAGES MADE BY USERS IN GITHUB. AND I RECOMMEND YOU TO LOOK ON TO YOUR  ISSUES ON GITHUB.NEED HELP= CONTACT ME= <quick response>    
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