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Who is Suitable for an ITIL certification course?

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By: priyajatoliya

December 26, 2017

Information Technology Infrastructure Library, popularly known as ITIL, is a popular framework for the management of IT services all over the world. Increasing number of global IT companies has now adopted this framework to make sure that the services they offer are in line with the well-defined and consistent set of processes which include best practices.

ITIL  Opportunities

IT professionals can take advantage of this implementation of ITIL framework by completing an ITIL certification course. The importance of this certification has reached a point where a lot of reputed IT companies are now sponsoring their employees to get certified. But who is suitable for this course? Let us find out.

Who Should Take ITIL Course?

IT professionals who have completed ITIL course are of great value to companies. A major shift can be seen in the IT industry as while only large corporations used to look for certified candidates in the past, even the mid-sized and small companies now prefer employees who are certified.

The course is typically suitable for candidates who are looking for a job opportunity in companies where ITIL is implemented. The certification is offered on five different levels- Foundation, Practitioner, Intermediate, Expert, and Master. If you are just starting an IT career, the Foundation course would be great choice to have the edge over other non-certified candidates.

Increasing Demand of  ITIL  in SMBs

IT has now become an integral part of any type of business. As mentioned above, even small and medium businesses are getting to know the importance and benefits of ITIL, and are hiring certified professionals. In the past few years, the demand for professionals who have completed ITIL certification course has increased significantly in SMBs.

This is because; larger companies have better abilities to make up for the loss of money, time and productivity when an IT project fails. While there is no company that would like their projects to fail, as compared to smaller companies, larger companies can absorb the losses better. Most of the SMBs usually do not have that kind of financial resources to afford a project failure. Implementing ITIL and hiring certified professionals is an effective method used by smaller companies to avoid such failures.

So, be it a global IT major or SMBs, IT professionals who have taken ITIL training can find ample of opportunities throughout the world.

Careers and Jobs Related to ITIL

Be it ICOs or system administrators, ITIL is a valuable certification for all the IT professionals. Even the project managers can significantly benefit from the certification and appear for a different level of exams over time. Most of the IT project managers are well-aware of the development lifecycle process, and so the ITIL principles just come naturally to them.While engineers, architects, and IT managers might never turn into ITIL Masters, even basic knowledge about the framework can help them understand and support it in a much better way.

Selecting ITIL certification course

If you are planning to get, ITIL certified, selecting a reputed ITIL training provider who is affiliated with AXELOS, the organization that has trademarked the framework, would be your best bet. While you can also find free resources online, the reliability of a lot of these resources is highly questionable. A good online or offline course from a reputed institute would significantly increase your chances of getting certified.

ITIL foundation certification is an excellent way to get higher paying opportunities in the IT industry and have a sharper set of skills. The course would provide you an edge over others while also making sure that you are prepared for the future. If making a good IT career is what you are aiming for, this is one certification that you certainly cannot miss.

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