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Why I Started a Cyber Security Internship Program

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By: pweithers

February 8, 2017


One of my challenges during my tenure in college was the discovery of new and creative ways to make learning and retention easier for myself. I made note of the positive effects of activities which created reinforcement, and a sense of confidence over the subject matter. Eventually, I observed that hands-on interaction during events such as an experiment in the chemistry or physics lab resulted in a better and longer lasting understand of concepts.  Also, the reinforcement of the theory in the practicum made the overall experience more enjoyable and provided the confidence I needed.  I graduated with complete acceptance of the importance of a hands-on approach to learning.

 During post-graduate classes in Computer Science, I met a very bright student who worked very long hours in the computer lab.  One day, we both agreed in conversation that a lot of hands-on experience in the computer field is the key to becoming an expert.

 I later discovered in my professional life that presentations on a screen are informative, but it is sometimes difficult to retain, and fully comprehend the information presented unless it is combined with memorable events.  So during my years as a CIO, I always hired bright people and made sure they immediately had a project to work on after returning from a course or class.   

 After many years in the IT and security business, and becoming aware of the shortage of professionals in IT security, I decided that I would try to make a difference by giving high performing college students who were majoring in Computer Science and Information Security, an opportunity for an internship that included experience in a Security Operations Center (SOC).

 After overcoming the challenges of planning and executing the design and building phases of the required infrastructure for a SOC, we started an internship program which has proven valuable to graduate and undergraduate students in Cyber Security. The results of the program have supported what I learned in college.  An internship experience which includes security training combined with hands-on experience with industry-leading software tools and appliances better prepares students to do quality work and enter the job market at a higher level.

 The feedback from the students has been positive.  I am proud of the dedication and hard work they have demonstrated, and I am happy to share their feedback on the internship experience: 


“The internship program at Nu-pulse technologies has helped me to gain real-world experience in cyber security. I was able to understand how security can be effectively applied based on a top-down approach. I’ve gained an understanding of how risk assessment is performed in an organization and effective security controls are applied to mitigate identified risks and fulfill compliance requirements. I was exposed to available resources that aid the process of risk management and SSP development. Moreover, I had the opportunity to get hands-on experience on IDS/IPS and enterprise anti-malware systems. I’ve participated in multiple projects that range from deployment of such systems to configuration and maintenance. I’ve learned the skills that are necessary for a cyber security analyst such as aggregating, analyzing and interpreting data to facilitate prompt incident response. The main thing I liked about this program is that it exposes interns to both management and technical aspects of cyber security which is usually a rare opportunity”.  YG


“Technical Experience

I have worked as Network Engineer for 5 years in Internet Service Provider Company. My perspective for network security was just implementing ACL and zone base policies on firewalls, routers, and switches. This perspective changed when I joined Nu-Pulse Technologies. The changes in my perspectives are as:

1.         Careful security risk analysis of enterprise/service provider network which include identification of organization assets/container and impact of security breaches in terms of cost, reputation and legal compliance.

2.           Identification of security controls and creation of base line/normal behavior of network after implementation of security controls.

3.           Monitoring the base line of network using SIEM and Anti-malware tools.

4.           Pro-Active approach towards network security.

5.           Defense-in-depth strategy i-e considering security at each layer (from application to physical layer of TCP/IP model)


Working Experience

I am very grateful for Nu-Pulse Technologies, Mr. Patrick E.Weithers and all colleagues for giving me this wonderful opportunity. It was very valuable experience in terms of learning.


Mr. Patrick was very supportive. He allowed me to visit my home country in the beginning of my internship. He provided a stress-free working environment in which I was able to manage my study and exams. He is the embodiment of gracefulness……


Support, gracefulness, kindness, care and sincerity are the qualities which I witness at Nu-Pulse Technologies and I will try my best to develop these qualities in my personality”.  JK

My goals are to involve more schools in the program, build another SOC, and expand our processes for student selection.  I hope to double the number of internships in the next year and continue broadening the experience of students during the internship. 

Patrick E. Weithers, MSCSE, CSPM, CISSP

President & CEO

Nu-Pulse Technologies, Inc.

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