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SQL Injection Lab Part 2 – DVWA Login + Low Security Level Submit

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By: bjacharya

September 9, 2016

backtrack_5_r1Welcome back Cybrarians ! …in SQL injection lab PT.2Let’s start part 2.Open Console Terminal and Retrieve IP Address1. Open a console terminal
  • Instructions:Click on the console terminal
image-12. Get IP Address
  • Instructions:1. ifconfig -a
  • Notes(FYI):
    •  As indicated below, my IP address is192.168.1.105.
    • Please record your IP address.
image-2Section 7: Login to DVWA
  1. Start Firefox
  • Instructions:
    • Click/open Firefox browser.
    • Login to DVWA
      • Note(FYI): Replace with Fedora’s IP address obtained in (Section 3, Step 3).
  •  Instructions:
    • Start up Firefox on BackTrack
      • Place in the address bar.
      • Login: admin
      • Password: password
      • Click on Login
image-3Section 8: Set Security Level
  1. Set DVWA Security Level
  • Instructions:
    • 1. Click on DVWA Security, in the left hand menu.
    • 2. Select “low”
    • 3. Click Submit

….Ok Cybrarians, we’ll continue this in next part.  

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