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By: bachan

April 5, 2017

Hello Cybrarians,Chinese fraudsters are using fake cellphone towers to spread android banking trojans. They are using the SMiShing attack for this type of fraud.  Here is where a new word came into existence is SMiShing.SMiShing (aka SMS Phishing) is defined as a phishing attack sent via SMS. In this type of security attack, fraudsters trick users into downloading a trojan horse, virus, worm, or any other malware onto their mobile devices. It is a short form of SMS Phishing. In this type of attack, attackers send a text message to the victim's device containing a malicious link using a spoofed number. This tricks him to install the malware. The message could be something like this; "This is a confirmation message from skirtclub. You have subscribed to our monthly package. You will be charged $10 per month for the next month. If you want to unsubscribe, go follow this link and download the app" (This is just an example of the message).Many of the users will download the app for unsubscribing, which could be a form of malware. Hackers are playing with your fear. So just be sure that when downloading any app from a third party, that it doesn't harm your device.Hackers are putting roots everywhere, so you need to make sure you are updated. Become more aware of any hacking and cyber security related malicious work so that you can protect yourself.It's 2017 and hackers are very powerful. To paraphrase smokey the bear, "Only you can protect yourself against hackers!" No one will watch over everything you do, so your personal security is up to you.If you haven't heard the news you can watch this video:
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