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Is Your Smartphone Actually Vulnerable?

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By: gags

September 16, 2016

Close up of a man using mobile smart phoneThere was a time (way, way back) when Android developers used to only root their mobile devices! But, like everything else, as time passed, Android users increased and users became more sophisticated as they wanted to know what rooting was.I was saddened about the fact that 50-60% of Android phone users in India do not know what rooting even is. But, now I am happy that they don't know what it is. Why? I'll tell you. Simply put, nowadays there are plenty of apps that are available for download, for free, that can root your phone without the knowledge of recovery mode, TWRP,  cwmiRoot, 360 root, RootGenius, and so many more.These apps are legitimate and are used worldwide! The app developers who develop those types of applications use code that is easily exploited - WHAT?! Yes, you read correctly. In other words,  the code itself is a malicious code that can gain root access and do any sort of malicious thing on your phone. I know, it's hard to believe, but yes :'(Researchers have confirmed the code can easily be reverse engineered, and some of the codes are famous exploits such as Tower root, Ginger-break etc. These exploits have been reviewed and reverse engineered by computing researchers and they have concluded that they have identified nearly 170 exploits from a single provider.  Here's the worst part - no Antivirus program is able to detect any of that since they use AV evading techniques and are undetectable!I hope this has opened your eyes to the dangers of mobile devices and what you chose to install on them. Be careful! Only use stuff from trusted sources and monitor your devices for funny looking activity. That's all guys. Thanks!!!!
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