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Six Essential Skills of a Project Manager in 2018

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By: michaelwarne

March 24, 2018

Project Management is a tough nut to crack. If you are a Project Manager that means you should be quick like a bunny, clever like a fox and gentle like a dove. Other than that, you should have a certain set of skills and expertise to manage your team. In the void of these skills either you can’t have a smooth sailing career.To be a successful Project Manager you should have some sort of practical and conjectural skills as well.  The proper execution of the project strategies is highly essential for any industry. While the company will provide you the resources, the constructive use of them is your responsibility.Now the question here is: How can you acquire such comprehensive set of skills? Well, a PMP (Project management Professional) certification from a reputed institute like Koenig Solutions is the answer for this. This PMP certification will grant a control over strategies for execution and implementations. Professionals who are into project management should go for a PMP course in Delhi to improve their management skills. A PMP certification will help you to have a better hold of conjectural management skills. Other than that some skills which are highly essential are:1.    You should be an ice-breakerManaging and mentoring the team require a high –level eloquence. Drafting the strategies is not sufficient. You should convey the vision and mission to your team is most austere manner. If you are able to do so then getting the project done would be a piece cake. On the other hand, professionals who find it hard to break the ice usually have a tough time at work.2.    Ability to take the leadYou should not give a second thought when it comes to take the lead. If you have innate leadership qualities then you can deliver whatever the industry demand. Effective leadership doesn’t mean that you should be authoritative. It means that you know the weakness and strength of your team and utilizes them accordingly.  A good leader knows what should assign to whom and how to yield out the output as per the guidelines. In addition, you should be courageous enough to take the responsibility of the wrong deed of your team.  If you are at front to receive applauds, face the critics with same grace as well.3.    Capability to manage the teamA team is the biggest asset of any project manager. Those who know how to manage it will be flourishing against all odds. On the other hand, a poor team management will be the most prominent reason for your downfall. A competent and effective team manager will be able to convey the ideology to its team. Alongside, he/ she should be able to resolve conflicts as well.4.    Skill to handle the riskRisks are involved everywhere. If you are not gutsy enough to take the risk and you are not worthy enough to climb up the career ladder. Risks are the part of your job.  Starting from planning to execution, drafting to completion, risks are omnipresent. You should be determined enough to have them and find a way out. A proficient project manager should have the ability to take the responsibility to eliminate the risk involved for your team.5.    Ability to find the middle groundWhile you are working with a team over a project, it is not necessary that all the resources will meet the requirement of the team member. You have to do a productive negotiation to get the things done. If you are a good negotiator then you will be able to churn out the best result in the available resource. This quality will make you worthy for both the team and the company.6.    Effective team managementTime is crucial and those who utilize it properly witness success at each step.  An efficient project manager should understand the worth of time management and plan accordingly. If you do effective time and task distribution amongst your teammates then you will be able to complete the projects promptly and accurately.Though Project management course is not easy, a thorough PMP course in Delhi will make you competent to do it effortlessly. To become the most productive project manager, enroll a PMP course today.Related Blog:- How long the PMP certification is valid for
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