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By: Rattar
November 14, 2016

A Simple Guide to Send Emails from a Program

By: Rattar
November 14, 2016
By: Rattar
November 14, 2016
renderedAs a result of Juliar's  latest update, you can now send raw emails via *raw_email * command that sends an email to a user using SMTP protocol. (Download the latest Juliar at https://www.juliar.org)What is a raw email?In a raw email, you have to write everything to send to the server.Here is the command:
*raw_emailFrom: "Ben" <ben@example.com>To: J <j@example.com>Cc: friend@example.comDate: Tue, 15 January 2016 16:02:43 -0500Subject: Test message Hello J,This is an important message.Ben*
 You can modify the From and Date fields to anything you want.While you can name yourself any way you want and change the date, realize that most servers will use their own date and time and the from field domain must match the SMTP server you are using.  Otherwise,  you will risk your email being lost in cyberspace.Using *raw_email * with and without optionalsIf you are using *raw_email* without optionals, Juliar will use its built-in server to send emails. This is OK if you are sending an email to your computer or a computer in a local network. However,  it is not recommended if you are sending an email to Gmail server for example, as most servers block requests that originated from home IP addresses or addresses that are not one of the big companies. The reason for that is simple, SPAM blocking measurement. You can thank advertisers and spammers for that...SMTP serversUsually, most SMTP servers use port 25, you can find a list of SMTP servers at https://www.arclab.com/en/kb/email/list-of-smtp-and-pop3-servers-mailserver-list.htmlor you can google for SMTP server. For MOST SMTP servers, you will need a username and password as well as SSL connection. Juliar will soon support SSL, but for now, try to find a server with no SSL connection.*raw_email * OptionalsHere are optionals for *Juliar * *raw_email * command: *raw_email=smtp server, username of smtp server, password    info *An example of raw_email with optionals: 
*raw_email=smtp.secureserver.net:25,rattar,mypasswordFrom: "Ben" <ben@example.com>To: J <j@example.com>Cc: friend@example.comDate: Tue, 15 January 2016 16:02:43 -0500Subject: Test message Hello J,This is an important message.Ben*
 Thanks for all the support and remember to check out Juliar for official news at https://www.juliar.org and forums at https://www.juliar.org/forums

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