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SHODAN- Satan of the Internet

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By: Sahad Mk

February 9, 2018

Welcome back Cybrarians,I hope you all have get basic information about Google dorks and how it can be applied to our penetration testing from my previous posts. Today I'm gonna share with you something interesting and helpful to your penetration testing journey. Yes, it is SHODAN. Have you heard about this hackers worthy search engine? If you not, don't worry. Let's make sure you are not gonna miss this time.
"Shodan is a search engine that lets the user find specific types of computers (webcams,routers,servers, etc.) connected to the internet using a variety of filters. Some have also described it as a search engine of service banners, which are metadata that the server sends back to the client.This can be information about the server software, what options the service supports, a welcome message or anything else that the client can find out before interacting with the server." --WikipediaSo you get shodan a little bit right? Now, how are we going to search these on line devices (IOT) with the help of shodan? Just visit SHODAN.
Now you can submit your queries such as webcams, default password etc. If you are lucky you will get access to those devices without a password or with default password like admin. You can go through various categories like industrial control systems, databases, webcams etc in Shodan Explore if you want to. From your shodan result pages select IP addresses that you wanna get in it.Shodan also retrieves information like ports, services, headers, location information etc.You have to extend your search for more results, all you have to do is create an account in shodan. But you have to pay for more than two pages of results.Shodan mobile application available in both android and apple devices, one more thing shodan add-on available on firefox so you should try it once at least.Example result of the netcam search in shodan: Cable Added on 2018-02-06 09:54:33 GMTUnited States, San Jose Details
HTTP/1.1 401 UnauthorizedContent-Type: text/htmlConnection: keep-alivePragma: no-cacheWWW-Authenticate: Basic realm="Netcam"Content-Length: 17
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