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Sharing File/Folder with Samba on Linux

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By: mfk1907

December 31, 2016

no-more-ransomSharing Files/Folders with Samba on LinuxFirst you should install the samba module with using command line;

#apt-get install samba

Then, create a folder,has everyone (read-write) authorisation, on desktop

#cd Desktop

#mkdir -p “folder_name”

#chmod 777 “folder_name”


Then, open samba config folder and add these commands;

#vi /etc/samba/smb.conf

[test$]comment = Sharing folderpath = /root/Desktop/testbrowseable = yesguest ok = yesread only = yespublic = yeswritable = yes


After making all changes on folder, we can start the samba service

#service samba start

Now, when the running “\”IP_address_of_Linux”test$ ” command any computer on the same network, it will be accessed the “test” folder on Linux machine.


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