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By: Olivia

February 12, 2018

If you've watched popular courses like How to Go from Solider to Cyber Pro, The Art of Exploitation, and Network Operations and Security, you may be surprised to learn that all of these courses were contributed to Cybrary by users."You can change how people around you protect themselves and others," says  Chris Greco, (@grectech) a Senior Consultant/ trainer at GRECTECH who teaches the Cybersecurity for Silver Hats course on Cybrary. "Take the knowledge you know about cybersecurity and share it. Tell others to stop cursing the darkness and light a candle. No one is infallible. The world is constantly expanding. Teaching is the only way to help others become more self- aware and build your confidence.”We've heard from some members that they feel their credentials are not enough to warrant a contribution. That's simply not true. Anyone with cyber security and IT knowledge to share is welcome to teach a course on Cybrary. In fact, teaching will improve your own learning."I believe everyone is entitled to learn. Knowledge should be shared and free. This is definitely the best way to change the world and make it a better place. Education should be accessible to people wherever they are and without spending huge budgets creating constraints for the rest of their lives," shares Magda Chelly, Managing Director of Responsible Cyber Pte. who teaches the Advanced Social Engineering Tactics course.You may not know, but Co-Founders Ryan Corey and Ralph Sita wholeheartedly believe in access to free cyber security and IT learning for anyone, anytime, anywhere. With backgrounds in the IT and cyber training industry, they realized firsthand how problematic the current model is, especially for those who are interested in a career change. It just doesn't make sense for a person to spend thousands on one training course only to realize that this career isn't for them or to fail an exam that determines after one week if they move forward in their career.Cybrary was created to disrupt the current industry and help more individuals start or further their careers. With the growing skills gap, we need professionals who can protect our critical systems and data from attack. Those individuals should not be held back because of lack of access to resources. That being said, we need your help now more than ever.You can help skill-up the future cyber warriors who protect our businesses and infrastructure. For anyone who has ever acknowledged that a group or person helped kickstart your career, now is your chance to be the kickstarter for someone else. But it's just about doing what's right for Cybrary, it's about you too.Sharing your knowledge with the community has a variety of benefits, as it allows you to showcase your skills to potential employers or clients, establish yourself as an industry thought leader, tackle a new challenge, and contribute to the future of cyber security professionals.Cybrary offers assistance for those willing to share their content with us, such as writers who can help make your course shine, so really, the hard part is just determining which topic you're going to teach. In creating her course, Magda, like the other instructors, worked closely with the team to ensure her course was successful. "I will just say that Cybrary team is amazing. The course submission process was smooth and I was supported throughout."Currently, we have a need for hundreds of topics, everything from Splunk to software development models. We've also found that micro-learning is extremely valuable, so a video course of 30 minutes can be a great start for those concerned about the time commitment.Now, those who teach on Cybrary can even make money for their courses. If you're interested in sharing your video content with us, click here to get started.  
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