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How to Set Password for PDF File in Adobe Reader

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By: alvina11

September 27, 2018

With the advancement of the technology, the PDF file format is the most reliable file format. It is the portable document format (PDF) which includes text formatting and images. It is independent of application software, hardware, and operating systems.Sometimes it is required to limit access to a PDF for the security purpose. So, it can be done by setting passwords and by restricting certain features, such as printing and editing. Though, you cannot apply restriction for saving copies of a PDF. Therefore, there will be the same restrictions to save copies as the original PDF.

Types of Available Passwords

There are two types of passwords document open password and permission password.

  • The Document Open Password

This password is also known as a user password which needs a user to type a password to open the PDF.

  • The Permissions Password
This password is known as a master password requires a password to change permission settings. By using a permissions password, you can restrict user for printing, editing, and copying content in the PDF. For opening the document in Reader or Acrobat recipients don’t require a password to open. Users require a password to change the restrictions which are already set.If the PDF is protected with both types of passwords, then it can be opened with any of the passwords. However, only the permissions password permits the user to change the restricted features.Manual Method to Set Password to PDF1. First, open the PDF and select Tools -> Protect - > Encrypt -> Encrypt with Password.2. If you receive a prompt message, then click on Yes to change the security.3. Tick mark Require a password to open the document option, then type the password in the related field.4. Choose an Acrobat version from the Compatibility drop-down menu. Select a release equal to or lower than the recipient’s version of Acrobat or Reader.5. Choose an encryption option from the below-mentioned options:Encrypt All Document Contents OptionIt encrypts the document and the document metadata. In this option, search engines cannot access the document metadata.Encrypt All Document Contents Except Metadata OptionIt encrypts the contents of a document, but it permits search engines access to the document metadata.Encrypt Only File Attachments OptionIt requires a password to open file attachments. The users are able to open the document without a password. You can use this option to create security envelopes.6. Click on OK. Timely, to confirm the password, retype the appropriate password in the box and click OK.If there is a situation when you forget the set password of PDF files, then no need to upset. There is an option of SysInfoTools PDF Unlocker. It is an advanced solution for removing restrictions from PDF files as it smartly identifies all encryption types which are existed on your data.
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