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Security Issues with SaaS and the Cloud

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By: Sasha Radenovic

June 16, 2017

Data Security: Data breaches happen all the time. News reports of hacking and industrial espionage hit the headlines daily and present a serious threat to small and medium sized businesses. On-premise software still presents its own set of security concerns, but be wary of new technologies and vendors who do not have a robust security system in place.Ongoing Business Concerns: Small and medium sized businesses many times have no option but to outsource certain tasks, such as IT. However, when you outsource IT, you lose control over how your service provider is doing - business-wise - and can open yourself up to various risks.Availability: Employees at small or medium sized businesses work 24/7 and need access to company data 24/7. However, with SaaS and cloud computing, outside issues like internet and power outages are a common problem.If you have any input, please comment below.
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