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How to Run Linux from a USB Flash Drive

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By: kalolo

February 17, 2017

usb-key-1212110_1280Hi, guys.I'm here today to talk about how you can run Linux from a USB flash drive.If you are just starting with Linux and you are not sure you want to install Linux on your PC, or you aren't able to because it's a shared PC, etc., you can run Linux from a USB flash drive.  You will just need some Linux distro iso, aUSBb flash drive, and the program Universal USB Installer.Hands-on:1: Download Universal USB Installer from: After the download, run the program and connect the USB flash to the PC.3: On Universal USB Installer, chose the Linux distro and the usb flash drive.Note: Universal USB Installer has an option to set a persistent file size for storing changes. You can chose the size to save any changes that you may do.4: Lastly, click "create".I hope this post help you. Let me know what you think!
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