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Your Role in Cyber: Proper Online Usage & Threat Mitigation

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By: Palita2018

April 23, 2018

The latin locution "Hic et Nunc" in the information process, created in the cyberspace domain, loses the space and time dimension and turns into "usquam et semper" because, as Paul Valery had prophetically described in his short essay of '33 entitled "La conquête de l'ubiquité", the rapid development and diffusion of new mass media soon would have allowed: "to transport or rebuild  sensations system, or more exactly excitations, provoked  by an object or an event " placed or happening far away from you.
All of this involves a distortion of reality. In the process of dilation of the present in the fifth domain cyber space, (because we're always connected), our dual ontological structure loses orientation and is canceled. We plan to surf, but we are deprived of goal, autonomy, or a rudder. The recognition of the other equal to ourselves in the mutual difference is no longer achieved. The difference is realized by living in the contemporaneity of the past, present, and future, that is a normal characteristic of everyone.
Fake news (like what is spread today) can easily proliferate in the absence of conscience/knowledge. The absence of recognition of the other by himself and therefore the non-perception of our similar, involves the reification of the neighbor, freeing the willingness of availability.
From the will of power of Nietzschean memory, we pass to impunity of the illusion of omnipotence in cyberspace where everything is granted. The generation of video gamers treats the weakest as an object to denigrate on social media, unable to understand that in communication the pragma, ie, what is omitted from the representation, however, is significant in communicating, and furthermore the concealed can hurt more than direct words.
Imagine you read every day about yourself on social media outlets: "you are fat and ugly", "fat and ugly", " fat and ugly". This leads people to think less of themselves and at the end of the day, you can translate the subliminal message; "suicide."
Now through the news, we witness inconceivable events that are even posted afterward.
I wrote this post in an attempt to raise awareness. Everyone knows about the internet, all the advances of our cyber culture and technology, but there is a shortage of civic awareness about how people abuse those aspects of cyber space for twisted purposes. If you don't know someone in person, or haven't communicated with them via call or video conference, don't be 'friends' online. People lie. That's a fact. If someone is being mean to you, cut them off. If you witness someone being mean to someone else online, say something. Try to help in the right way. And don't spread fake news. Fact check before spreading lies further. Just my two-cents.
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