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Retrieve OST Data with OST to PST Conversion

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By: johnparktech2012

September 2, 2017

PST - Data - conversion The work that you perform offline in Microsoft Outlook is saved in a folder called Offline Storage Table or OST. When you try to access your offline data, the OST file is opened and the data come up. Imagine, a single fault incurs in the OST file and the OST data becomes completely inaccessible. To avoid such issues and protect your system from data loss, you can follow a good practice of maintaining a backup. Backup data is the insurance that saves you from tremendous data loss due to sudden OST failure.Suppose, you have recently installed Windows 7 on your system and configured a user that is a domain user with administrative rights and has a roaming profile setup from the previous system. When you work in cached mode in Microsoft exchange, it starts encountering user right issues. When you set the rights, Outlook freezes stating that it cannot access Outlook.ost file. You enable the hidden admin rights and give full permission to the folders for the domain login and move UAC to stop notifying, but still, your problem persists.Such issues are very common when a user cannot access offline data due to unusable OST file or faces a situation of data inaccessibility due to Outlook conflicts. To resolve the issue, OST file needs to be repaired so that offline data can be retrieved. The useful mechanism to retrieve OST data is to convert unusable OST data into working PST file that can easily be accessed with Outlook.For successful OST to PST Conversion, you can choose third party software that provides the guaranteed service of making inaccessible OST file usable. Recoveryfix for OST to PST is an eminent and sophisticated software in efficiently repairing lost OST file by easily converting it into a usable PST file. This tool completely recovers emails, attachments and other elements and saves them in new PST.

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