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By: ahmedxbrov

March 18, 2018

 Breakthroughs     There are too many breakthroughs, but we can limit them to several key concepts:1 - penetrate sites and servers and forums.     2. LAN penetration.     3 - hacking personal computers.First: hacking sites and servers and forums     If we want to expand in this concept of breakthroughs, we find that it is divided into three types of penetration: hacking sites in general, hacking servers, hacking forums of all kinds. But I will explain the mechanism and principle of penetrating sites in general.   It is known that all sites are based on the programming languages of the network and the Internet and the Internet. Of these languages PHP, HTML, JAVA, PERL.Of course there is nothing in this universe perfect for God, of course, and there must be security holes or errors in this software Programs and systems prepared and built on sites and servers.    And here comes the role of hackers in the discovery of these "gaps" as they call and translate them to serve them in access to the main files in the site, such as the Config file, for example.This file is one of the most important files forbidden to the public access to it. And read them, and these vulnerabilities are detected by special programs in the search for loopholes     The most important of these gaps are discovered
  • Perl loops, a type of programming language used in websites.
  • CGI gaps are relatively weak gaps for other gaps.
  • XSS loops and relies on the withdrawal of passwords from the ADMIN website.
  • SQL gaps are low-use and depend on database errors in sites, servers and forums.
  • FILE INCLUDE gaps are the most serious of all the gaps where it is possible to control completely the sites penetrated.
One of the most important tools used in this type of penetration:1. Gap search programs as mentioned above.2. Interpreter Perl gaps is specifically for this type of gaps.3. The most important types are C99 **** l, Re57 **** l, My **** l.4. A special site, whether free or paid to raise the ****.This is only a very short description of this broad subject. And I want to add that there are in this type of breakthroughs so-called random penetration and also there is another term called mass attacks, which are useless only with the presence of a very large number of attackers carry out the attack at one time, and these attacks are indicated by one of the orders Dos called the PING.Second: LAN penetration In a very brief way, the penetration of local networks depends on the volumes of sharing in the devices that are the network whether the network is a network of devices in Internet cafes or home networks or networks of university and school networks and networks. The hackers first identify the main device in the network and usually have a name and number 1. Such as ... PC1, and after selecting the device they attempt to break the PASSWORD of the main device through certain programs such as the famous program giant .. Remote Anything known for its effective control devices.Third: the penetration of personal computers PCThere are several methods hackers use to hack personal computers, all of which rely on sending a patch file to the victim and the process of connecting between the computer and the victim's computer and control the device remotely through programs such as the help of the program giant Turkish ProRat.Passing passes through several stages are:
  • Pitch formation phase.
  • Pitch decompression phase.
  • Patch encoding phase.
  • Batch compression phase.
  • Batch integration phase.
  • The stage of sending the bat to the victim.
Thus the penetration is very brief and we will expand with this type of penetration.A detailed explanation of hardware penetration:As I mentioned earlier that the hardware penetration depends on a file called Server or Patch and that this file goes through several stages ... server configuration, server decompression, server encryption, server compression, server consolidation, server sending to the victim.  There are also several ways to configure the server and several methods used to receive notification. What I mean by the notification: It is a computer victim that reaches the hacker after sending the file server.
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