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Repairing a SQL Database

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By: lucasdawson1984

August 3, 2017

sql databaseDatabase corruption in SQL server can be very frustrating, as a single server is used by multiple users. When SQL database gets corrupt, it affects all the users and leads to unprofitability and under productivity. SQL Database is used by many clients like  Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, Access, Ingres, etc. Since it is used by a vast demographic, SQL Server corruption is very common. There are two methods of repairing an SQL Database.

Manual Method:

You can repair your SQL server either by Rebuilding your database or by using Database Console Commands.

In order to Rebuild your database, you have to start Rebuild Master (Default location is:  Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server80ToolsBINN directory). Launch the program and enter source directory and proceed to rebuild.

You can try repairing your server using Database Console Commands (DBCC) like DBCC CHECKDB and DBCC DBREPAIR.

These methods would fix any kind of minor issues that might have caused your database to crash (most of the time it is due to third party client interference).

Use SQL Data Recovery Tool:

In case there is a major database corruption issue, manual procedures fail to repair the database most of the time. During such a situation, professionals recommend using SQL Database Recovery tool in order to recover data from corrupt SQL Database. This tool is specifically designed to recover data from 'severely' corrupted MDF or NDF files and restored the data in their original format. This tool is capable of repairing all types of SQL Database issues and never fails. Some salient features of this tool are:

1.       This tool is designed keeping in mind its vast user domain. Both novice and advanced users can easily repair their SQL Database with few clicks.

2.       Database recovery using this tool is seamless and precise. This tool works swiftly and lets you recover database easily and with high accuracy.

3.       This tool is ideal for all types of operations pertaining to SQL database recovery like Authentication Modes, Exporting Options, or Saving options including SQL Database or SQL Scripts.

4.       This tool supports all data types like IndexesViews, TablesTriggersStored ProceduresRulesKeys etc., and supports BLOB, image, XML and large page data.

5.       SQL Database Recovery Tool is compatible with all versions of Windows OS till the latest Windows 10.

To learn more about how to repair SQL Database, you can view "The easy, free way to repair corrupted SQL Databases."
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