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Repair Corrupt 2GB Outlook PST File

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By: shivgupta

August 21, 2017

A Personal Storage Table (PST) file is an MS Outlook file in which a user’s emails, contacts, to do lists, etc. are stored. The file is created on the user’s local hard disk drive and can be damaged any time due to various logical and physical reasons. Some of the common reasons behind PST file damage are abrupt system shutdown while Outlook is in use, malicious virus attack, PST file’s header corruption, a problem in storage media, or a myriad of other possibilities. Once the PST file gets damaged, Outlook cannot establish a connection with it due to the Outlook user failing to access their emails and other related items. Rather, error messages are displayed on the user’s screen. Those error messages can make users tense about losing all important emails, contacts, attachments, etc.In that situation, the only thought that occurs to an Outlook user is how to access emails. What is the process of retrieving emails, contacts, or other information back and restarting communication? The solution for this problem is a backup. Don't worry about accessing emails back if you have maintained a backup of Outlook.pst file. With that backup, you can easily collect your important emails within minutes. You just have to configure a new Outlook user’s account. After configuring the new account, import emails into it from the backup. With this simple process, you will get all of yours emails, attachments, contacts, etc. back with full accuracy.But, in case the backup is incomplete or corrupt, or you do not have a backup at all, then the condition becomes worse than earlier. All of your important emails will be lost. This creates a nightmare in your life. Losing important information can cause big data loss. Rearranging all the data from scratch is also not an easy task. So, how will you get out of this disaster? Do not panic because there are many third-party tools available on the market that are available. Some are called Repair Outlook, Repair Outlook PST, etc. You can use these tools to repair Outlook file, which has been damaged due to various unknown reasons. Some of the third-party tools come with free to use versions so that you can verify software quality by evaluating them.
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