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Remove the "Shortcut Virus" from Your Pendrive in 7 Steps

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By: Adhisen Chiniven

June 14, 2016

Remove the "Shortcut Virus" from Your Pendrive in 7 Quick Steps - CybraryHi Cybrarians,Have you ever come across the "Shortcut Virus" on your device while connecting it to a computer? Did you get scared? Of course, it's scary.Follow these steps to remove the virus and use your files again:
  1. Go to Start and search for "cmd"
  2. Right-click on cmd
  3. Click on "Run as Administrator"
  4. Navigate to you pendrive/flash drive by typing the drive letter
  5. Type "del *.lnk "and hit Enter on your keyboard.
  6. Now type "attrib -s -r -h *.* /s /d /l"
  7. Hit enter.
 Its done - you just removed the shortcut virus.- Thanks -
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