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Removing Passwords from PDF Files: Simple Tips & Tricks

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By: sherry098

June 30, 2018

Almost every time, we receive our monthly bank statements or credit card statements in PDF format. These documents are password-protected, as they contain personal information, so no unauthorized person can open it. But this type of security is not useful sometimes because it annoys the user to enter the password every time to open the PDF documents. But there are techniques by which we can unlock password-protected PDF files; one among them involves using Google Chrome. With the Chrome browser, we can easily remove passwords from PDF files. It allows the user to unlock secure PDF files in just a few clicks. In this blog, some simple steps are described that help the user remove password security from Adobe PDF files permanently.

Why Do Users Want to Unlock Secure PDFs?

“I want to share a secured file containing password security with my friends. But I don’t want them to enter the password again and again to open the PDF file. The problem is that I don’t know much about the password security of PDF files. Well, that is not a matter of concern. Basically, can someone please help me out and tell me how to remove passwords from PDF files? Any ideas will be appreciated.”“I received the PDF attachment, which is password-protected, so every time, I have to enter the password in order to open the file. It is very time-consuming and difficult for me to enter passwords continuously. So, can anyone provide some easy methods to unlock secure PDF documents?

Remove Passwords from PDFs Using Chrome

  1. Firstly, launch Google Chrome.
  2. Drag and drop the PDF file to the browser’s tab.
  3. Enter the password to open the file and wait for the PDF file to load completely.
  4. Now, hit the “Print” icon and after that, click on the Save button.
  5. Lastly, head over to the unlocked PDF file.

Limitations of the Manual Method to Unlock Secure PDFs

There are some drawbacks to this method, i.e., it cannot be used for batch PDF files. It the user has a large number of secure PDF files, then it is not possible to use this method. Also, this method can’t be used if the file has print restrictions. There is a requirement for some automated solutions to remove password security from Adobe PDF files without any limitations.

Professional Web Tool to Remove Passwords from PDFs in Batches

The PDF Password Remover Tool unlocks secure PDF files in batches. It also helps remove restrictions from Adobe PDF files without any hassle. Security restrictions like the copy, print, edit, comment, and sign features  can be easily eliminated by this professional utility. Moreover, the tool is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

How Tool Remove Passwords from PDF Files

Follow these steps to unlock multiple PDF files:
  1. Install and run the tool to unlock PDF files.
  2. Go to the Start menu and click on All Programs >> PDF Unlocker >> PDF Unlocker.
  3. Begin the procedure by clicking on the Unlock button.
  4. Click on the Browse button and select the PDF file that you need to unlock. Click on Open.
  5. After selecting the file, the tool will display permissions and the status of the PDF document.
  6. Next, hit the Browse button and choose the destination location to save the decrypted copy of the Portable Document File.
  7. Click on the Unlock PDF button.
  8. If the file is secured, then enter the password; otherwise, continue further.
  9. Now, the file gets unlocked; click the OK button.
  10. Lastly, the tool displays the comparison of the file restrictions in before and after columns.
Finally, the tool removes passwords from PDF files along with the security restrictions.


PDF files are very common nowadays because all the manuals which are downloaded from the Internet are in PDF format. Moreover, many companies prefer having their official documents in PDF format, as they are highly secure. But sometimes, it is necessary to unlock the security passwords of these files for editing, copying, or for any other purpose. Therefore, in this complete writeup, we have discussed some easy techniques that help the user remove passwords from PDF files. With Google Chrome, a user can unlock secure PDFs, but this approach is only applicable for single PDF files. Therefore, to remove password security from multiple PDF files, one can use a professional solution, i.e., SysTools PDF Unlocker Tool. 
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