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A Reliably Fast Way to Repair Corrupt Outlook PST Files

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By: kanerichardson

September 4, 2017

Corruption Issues in Outlook PST

MS Outlook, when used as a desktop email client, stores its data in Outlook data files (PST). Though a convenient format for saving and transferring data, Outlook PST files may get corrupted due to many reasons. We have categorized them into two main categories.

Hardware Related Issues

Hard drive failure: This kind of corruption issues when the hard disk in which the PST file is stored become damaged. In such conditions, your PST files get corrupted.

Network failure: This situation will come to you when Outlook PST files are stored in a network location. When you access them using client machines, the PST file may become damaged due to network errors.

Power Failure: PST files may get damaged because of sudden shutdowns caused by power failures and UPS failures.

Software Related Issues

Improper Outlook Exit: This problem may arise when Outlook is busy with another process and you exit the application forcefully. In such a condition, the PST Files get damaged.

Virus attacks: Many viruses and worms affect the Outlook and damage the PST files leading to the inaccessibility of the data. So it is highly recommended to use a safe and secure anti-virus so that you can easily protect your files and other data.

File recovery issues: During the recovery process original PST data may get overwritten by some other data. This makes the original data inaccessible.

Manual Method for repairing Outlook PST

Inbox Repair Tool (scanpst.exe) is used by Outlook users to manually repair corrupt PST files. Its advantage is that it’s free, and is available for almost all versions of Outlook. The manual method of repairing damaged Outlook PST is very efficient and easy. But the Problem with this manual method is that when your PST file size is near or greater than 2GB, this method may fail. Also, users need to be technically proficient at using this tool.

Repair Outlook PST  


MS outlook is considered to be the best Windows Email client. However, PST files in which Outlook stores its data may be damaged due to various reasons. A damaged PST file can be repaired easily using a free utility named Inbox Repair Tool (scanpst.exe). Read more:
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