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Recommended: TrueCrypt Replacement in Kali Linux (2.0, 64 Bit Version)

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By: rubins

August 24, 2015

Recommended: TrueCrypt Replacement in Kali Linux (2.0, 64 Bit Version) - CybraryAs I installed the latest release of Kali Linux 2.0, 64 Bit, I found out that it's no longer pre installed with TrueCrypt. I need TrueCrypt to open my 200 GB encrypted volume using four keyfiles.To continuously use an encrypted volume created from TrueCrypt, I recommend to try using VeraCrypt instead. I've tested this and it normally runs similarly to TrueCrypt.The current stable release is VeraCrypt version 1.13. Download from their official download website: Select your  download, which is 15.8 Mb.VeraCrypt Linux Setup 1.13Open terminal and go to Download folder:#cd Downloads/Extract the downloaded installer in compressed file form:#tar xvf veracrypt-1.13-setup.tar.bz2This four files will be extracted in same folder:veracrypt-1.13-setup-console-x64veracrypt-1.13-setup-console-x86veracrypt-1.13-setup-gui-x64veracrypt-1.13-setup-gui-x86Install VeraCrypt depending on your OS (for my 64 bit):#./veracrypt-1.13-setup-gui-x64Simply follow the instructions:1) A dialog box will pop up, click on Install VeraCrypt button2) Click on I accept and agree to be bound by the license terms3) Click on OK button4) Press Enter key to exitTo open the encrypted volume:1) Click on Application menu2) Go down and click on Usual Applications3) Go down and go to Accessories then go right and select and click on VeraCrypt4) In VeraCrypt window, select the number to mount the volume5) Click on Select File to browse the encrypted volume to mount6) Click on Mount7) Check TrueCrypt Mode8) Click Keyfiles button (browse your keyfiles), or enter your password9) Click Ok buttonThe encrypted volume will be mounted and can now work normally. Hope this helps. Have fun!!!
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