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Reasons to go for Microsoft Azure Career

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By: Vikrant Saran

March 8, 2019

To maintain your place in the IT industry, you need to advance and adhere to its technological developments and trends. Realizing the need of the hour, and to inculcate the best way of operations in their organizations, the companies are migrating their computing base to the cloud. Being a professional with a developed outlook, you must know the vitality of the quality in which an organization operates. Microsoft Azure provides excellent cloud services for modern businesses and you can see how various organizations are driving themselves to Azure to do their business with secure and scalable cloud-enabled applications.

This is the reason why Microsoft Azure and cloud services are becoming the new and modern career choice for those who want to be future-proof. To make your profile up to the mark to get hired by these employers, you need to pursue and attain top Microsoft azure certification.

Let’s have a look at a few reasons which make Microsoft azure certification at the top choice for the cloud-based organizations:
  • IaaS and PaaS

Azure combines IaaS, Infrastructure as a Service and PaaS, Platform as a Service to deliver best of the cloud-enabled enterprise solutions to accelerate the business growth. IaaS provides the enterprises with the abilities to outsource their infrastructure on the Azure cloud by paying for what they have used. PaaS lets the users create their own web applications and solutions without the overhead of buying and maintaining the underlying groundwork. Hence, the need for IaaS services are expected to grow exponentially and the need for professionals to manage and set-up and support professionals would be required in the future.

  • Unmatched Hybrid Capabilities

Azure is widely known and inculcated in the computing systems of the organization for its efficient and reliable hybrid capabilities. It provides a reliable and portable stage between Cloud and on-premise. Azure gives an extensive scope of hybrid associations which includes VPNs, Express Route associations and CDNs for easing the process of execution and the usage of the platform. Due to the mentioned reasons, many mid-size enterprises are switching to Azure technologies and the support would be required on-premise and in top companies. Hence, the requirements are projected to increase for Azure certification especially among those who want to take their careers into Azure technologies.

  • Cost-Efficient Platform

Since the model of Azure provides pay-as-you-go services for the resources you build or expand using the Azure services. This service accounts for minimum administration costs as the entire infrastructure is based on Microsoft Azure. Also, with minimal charges, it provides effortless connection of data centers to the cloud. This would the main reasons why Microsoft Azure technology be considered as one of the most cost-effective methods for cloud infrastructure. Owing to which, many IT professionals would be migrating in the coming future to the cloud domain and Microsoft holding the major Market share is the best option to go for.

  • Identity & Access Management (IAM)

Microsoft Azure provides you with highly secure IAM and Azure Active Directory service which enables you to access the correct and quality information. It enables the enterprises to adopt IAM capabilities for the reduction in the identity management costs which makes it more agile and provides great support to your business venture. Because of which the services would be rising, creating a shift of IT job roles. Hence, pursuing Microsoft Azure certification is going to be the best version.

  • Easy Learning Tool

With familiar programming languages and tools used for creating cloud applications, Azure makes it easy for expert users to build cloud-based applications. Also, the new segments in Azure provide the users with a simple model for developing applications, increasing its demand in the market.

Microsoft Azure is leading the market by providing the best of the cloud solutions and is thereby driving all the organizations towards Microsoft Azure as the cloud base for their enterprises. This gives rise to the urgent requirement of IT professionals skilled in cloud technologies. Microsoft Azure Certifications are highly sought after by the organizations and provide an upper hand to the cloud professionals to advance their career with their validated technical expertise. So, if you want to make a place for yourself in this domain then Azure is the Cloud and now is the time.

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