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Understanding Ransomware Recovery Tool

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By: virat8586

July 15, 2017

Got hit by Ransomware Virus and all your files have been encrypted?Don't Panic as this Ransomware Recovery Tool is your solution.

With unlimited technological advancements and platter of applications for us, there are hackers who are sitting behind doors and working day & night to hack your system files. Sometimes they use it to ask for ransom in exchange of your encrypted files and sometimes they use your files for personal use. So saving your system from these types of attacks is a primary concern for many of us.

But here the major question is: How to protect our files from these types of virus attacks?And the solution is Ransomware Recovery Tool

This recovery tool is a one stop solution for any kind of virus attack or even Ransomware attack. It is a one stop solution for users who are facing virus infected files and are looking for a solution to restore their crucial files. Ransomware Recovery tool not only decrypts your files infected by Ransomware but it is also a great solution against other computer viruses like:

  • Trojan
  • I Love You
  • Melissa
  • Zeus
  • Code Red
  • WannaCry Ransomware and so on

So, if you are facing corrupted Windows files due to virus infection then this recovery software is for you. This is one of the most efficient restoration tools to recover, restore your important data which were till now corrupted or inaccessible to a working format. With high-end algorithms and with a simple & easy to understand user interface, users now can restore their maximum possible data with ease, and that too from their corrupted FAT & NTFS drives.

Prominent Features of Ransomware Recovery Tool

  • Can restore maximum possible data from your corrupted and inaccessible FAT & NTFS hard drives
  • RAW recovery possible
  • Two scanning modes: Standard and Advanced for different types of corruption
  • Support recovery from both of these partition tables: GUID Partition Table and Master Boot Record
  • Option to Preview your recovered files
  • Auto Search option to browse and search a specific file in your system
  • Simple & Easy user interface
  • Highly compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows
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