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PST Compress File Tool

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By: jamessnow

July 5, 2017

PST Compress Tool is a one-stop solution to compress large PST files in a couple of seconds. This PST compression tool has got an extraordinary ability to compress PST files by removing big attachments and storing the compressed PST files. This PST Compact Tool Flawlessly reduces PST file size by removing irrelevant PST items. This full-featured PST Compact Tool is embeddedwith a smart algorithm to compress and compact large sized Outlook PST files in a very safe manner. This PST Compress Tool not only provides flawless compression at very high speeds but also does Search, Preview, Bulk compression and several more.  These unmatchable features make this PST compact tool stand out amongst the crowd.


  1. PST Compact tool can compress multiple PST files at time.
  2. PST Compress Tool reduces PST file size by removing or extracting the attachment files in PST mail.
  3.  PST Compact Software compress Outlook PST files including their attachments.
  4. PST Compress Tool allows users to attach new PST files to their MS Outlook profile.
  5. Allow compression of both ANSI and Unicode PST
  6. PST Compress Software provides the users an option to apply password to new compressed PST files.
  7.  Free PST Compact Software saves only first 5 emails of every file after the PST  compression.
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