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Protect Yourself from Prying Eyes - Encryption

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By: Falcon

October 12, 2016

Encryption is the process converting your data from human readable form to a more complex form which is very difficult to read.Encryption of the data helps us to keep our personal or confidential data intact without worrying about getting it into unauthorized hands. It fulfills all the points of the CIA triad (Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability).We have both Hardware and Software tools available for performing encryption and protect our confidentiality.Hardware: Many of the vendors like Seagate Technology, Hitachi, Western Digital, Samsung, Toshiba etc have solutions for H/W based encryption, but we are not going to focus on that for now.Software : There are many different software based tools to make sure our data stay protected and safe on any digital device. Lets have a look on some most famous ones.Which is your perfect choice?1. Veracrypt:- Veracrypt which is developed by IDRIX is a well-known successor and forked project of Truecrypt which served the market for long. Veracrypt is an Free, Open-Source and a Cross-Platform tool which works on all platform i.e, Linux, MacOS, Windows. It is easy to use and manage once installed on your hard disk. It can be used to encrypt almost anything from laptops,  entire hard disks and USB sticks as well as simple text files.Platform: Linux, MacOS, WindowsUser Interface: GUI, CMDLatest Stable Version: 1.18aDownload: Veracrypt2. GNU Privacy Guard:- GNU Privacy Guard a.k.a GnuPG or GPG was developed by GNU Foundation by Werner Koch. It is also Open-Source and Free software which gives us the freedom to use under GPL. It is also Cross-Platform tool which works on Linux, MacOS, Windows. It uses hybrid-encryption technique by using the speed of Symmetric-key cryptography and security of key-exchange by using Public-key cryptography.Platform: Linux, MacOS, WindowsUser Interface: GUI(Supports), CMD(default)Latest Stable Version: 2.0.30Download: GnuPG/GPGDownload GUI Frontends: GUI Frontend 3. Bitlocker:- The most famous tool which comes with Windows platform and works just fine by totally integrating itself with OS. It is shipped with versions of Windows Vista,Windows Server 2008 and later. It supports Full Disk Encryption and its easy to use with GUI support. It comes with Trusted Platform Module (TPM) for maintaining the integrity at startup. To enable support for Bitlocker on your machine which must be according, to version support by Microsoft we listed above, you can use the tool named "The BitLocker Drive Preparation Tool"(TBDPT).Platform: Windows Vista + and Windows Server 2008 +User Interface: GUI(default), CMD(Supports)Latest Stable Version: 2.0.30Download (TBDPT): TBDPTRefer for CMD liners: Reference to CMD Liners4. AxCrypt (W):- It is an Open-Souce and Free tool which is built for Windows platform and developed by Svante Seleborg in Sweden. It helps you to secure the files on services (cloud platform) like Dropbox, GoogleDrive and more. Users need to opt for AxCrypt account in order to use it. It even helps you to delete data safely using scrambling technique. Anyone who wants can use this under Linux can do so via Wine.Platform: WindowsUser Interface: GUILatest Stable Version: 2.1.1474.0Download: AxCrypt
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