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Why do Most Programmers Prefer Linux Instead of Windows or OSX?

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By: MrTaharAmine

November 8, 2016

As a developer who uses Windows, OSX, and Linux, this is why I think so.  Why Do I Develop Using Linux?When I am working on LAMP servers, I like to have as much of a local testing environment as I can. I can have all the same software and even different versions of the software running on my development OS, as will run on the actual server when the Site/Application is hosted. Why Do I Develop Using Windows?When I need to develop a program for Windows, the Windows OS already has the most effective tools for the job.  Visual Studio and the suite of tools that go with it are the best I can use when developing for the Windows OS. Why Do I Develop Using OSX?Although I don't develop using OSX, this is why I believe others do.OSX has good programs for development, although some are also available on Windows and Linux.  The OSX advantage lies in having access to a terminal with; native SSH support, homebrew, and a pleasant interface with useful tools. Why Don't I Use OSX for Development?Hardware.While Mackintosh is a good desktop, I believe iMacs are overpriced junk, and Mac Pro’s are even more of a joke.Notebooks are fine but overpriced. You need to spend money logically, especially when you have a limited budget. Why Don't I Use Windows for Development?The main reason is SSH.  While there are Windows substitutes like  Putty, they're no substitute for native SSH.  Managing servers without native SSH is difficult.Furthermore, Windows doesn't perform as well as OSX or Linux even when using the same hardware. Why Don't I Use Linux for Development?While almost everything is available and works just as well as OSX and Windows, there are some tools which are just junk.Some applications have not been optimized, and run poorly compared to their OSX and Windows counterparts, even though many of these can be the same Java Applications.I find that hardware support can be weird and a hassle.So, what does a developer like me use?All of them!It's easy like a python script :pWebApp = "Linux"Mobile = "Apple"Desktop = "Windows"
  • If you are developing desktop applications, roughly 80% of your customer base are using windows. So to give the majority of your customers the best experience possible, you develop in Windows to suit them.
  • With Mobile, XCode is way better than the work arounds for compiling and working in Windows, and Android has the same tools on OSX as Windows, both nailed in 1 hit.
  • With WebApp, all the reasons I mentioned above.
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