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Pretexting: Social Engineering "Success" Story

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By: deleteduser19231

April 10, 2017

pretextingI <3 Social Engineering! Here's my story about how easy it can be to get contact information.So about 3 months ago, I was on the bus going home from school. I ended up getting a text message from an unknown number that was in my area code. It read the following,"Hey man, the people texted me asking about the walls. They are so annoying, lol. I told them we still have some people working on it!" It was clear to me that he had the wrong number and thought that I was his bossor something along those lines. So I thought,"Why not play this out; this is going to be fun!" So I texted him back: "lol, can you forward their number to me, in case I need to text them?"He replied shortly after,"sure" and sent the information:Jacob [ last name ] (000) 000-0000 j******@gmail.comLinda [ last name ] (000) 000-0000 l********@yahoo.comMike  [ last name ] (000) 000-0000 m******@gmail.comI responded,"thanks, do you have any photos of the wall currently?"At this point, I think he got a little suspicious because it may have seemed like I was asking for so much information. He sent the photo of the wall (it was a blue dry wall with holes in it) and after that, he called me. So I had to think quickly on this part, I started walking around my house quickly as if I was out somewhere in a rush. When I answered the call I kept the phone about a foot and a half way from my head so the sound would seem like a bad connection. I then said,"~hey man!," he replied,"Yah, Dave where were you today?," I said,"~what?"[ I kept saying "what" to potentially just get him to go back to texting ]Then I said,"~hold on, text me!" and hung up.(Ok so apparently I am Dave)He did text me back,"Where have you been?" So I wrote,"Currently I am out shopping, why do you ask?" [ Down stream from here ]He said,"You told me that you were going up state to visit some family!"(I gave up here, he got me)So I wrote,"You got the wrong number"He replied,"WOW!... Bored much?"I said,"Nah, I just wanted to see how far I could get."He seemed pretty unhappy about that, but probably thought it was funny.So this was just a small experience with pretexting, nothing major but fun none the less!Let me know if you have ever done anything like this before!

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