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How to prepare for your Azure Certification

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By: Vikrant Saran

February 20, 2019

Attaining azure certification is one of the most pertinent moves in your cloud career. So, before you start the preparation, the first thing to do is to decide the certifications that you must pursue to boost your career. With the new role-based Microsoft Azure certifications, you can now opt to go for precise skills that are required in your actual job-role and gain knowledge on the same. It will not only enhance your credential but also showcase your learned expertise and your interest in upskilling.

Now that you have determined which Azure certification you want to follow. The second step is to build a study plan.     

We can begin by reviewing the ‘skills measured’ section of your certification exam. So, if you feel confident you can manage to accomplish all of the technical tasks listed in the skills measured, you may want to go and take the exam.      

However, with most of us, study plan or a proper study strategy is critical. Let us find a few quick steps to building a study plan and gain new certification:

  • Begin with ‘skills measured’ content. Copy the details and make notes. Make an elaborate explanation of each topic so that you can easily comprehend.

  • Read through each and every topic.

  • It is always better to color code each one based on your understanding level. You may follow certain tricks such as - making red as ‘never read’, yellow as ‘read it before’ and green as ‘skilled in’

  • Skilled and successful participants often use a test to identify the keywords and feature names and later they try to describe them. Like - how it is used, what is it, any limitations and more such details.

  • Later you can always compare the definitions with the features page on Azure’s official website and see if you are right.

  • Once you have performed this trick, you could do this for all the topics and review your notes.

  • While reviewing, you can analyze where to focus while studying. This analysis is extremely handy later while focussing on problem areas.

  • Now, that you have identified the focus areas you can start your study.

  • Alternatively, you can always go for a training program which is result-oriented, short-term and delivered in flexible training modes.

  • It is always better to go for Authorized training delivery centers to take training and attain hands-on labs practice and free Microsoft Azure webinars.

  • There are training from Microsoft Learning partners in which you get to analyze your knowledge with practice tests and mock sessions to prepare for your Microsoft Azure exam.


These tips are handy and proven by industry experts; however, study plans are always very personal and it is mostly based on what kind of learner you are and how you absorb in the best manner. You must identify your strengths and methods to get the most out of your study time. Think through your needs. Do you need hands-on practice, understand best in a classroom setting or virtual environment or combination. There are various methods these days to attain Azure training. To begin with, you can take Free Webinars and workshops available virtually with learning partners. Go forth. All the best!

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