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Ping (Fully Loaded)

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By: sandycoder

March 26, 2018

Ping (Fully Loaded)

Ping is a very versatile command line tool we rarely used it now a days but today we will discuss some of the most basic and important commands using the ping tool.

1: -  Ping the localhost: - ping localhost or ping    before digging into about the target we all should focus on whether our host machine is working properly or not so, we ping our own system.

2: - Resolve ip address to the hostname: - ping -a       It can be any ip address it will be resolved to the domain name.

3: -  Check the maximum transmission unit(MTU):-  ping  - f  - l  1600

   I love this command this – f will the set the defragment bit now the packet will not be divided into smaller packets and - l is used to set the size of the packet this information is very important when we are documenting

4:-  Ping with the fixed number of packets: -  ping - n  -l  1500

In this command – n is basically used to send the fixed number of packets to a particular host.


5:-  Force the ping command  to used ipv6 instead of ipv4 :- ping  - t  - 6

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