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Pentester's Guide - War Dialing & Port Scanning

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By: Rattar

December 16, 2016

port-scanningWhen you hear "attack on a computer", what do you think?You probably think it's some guy sitting behind a computer, using the internet to conduct attacks.What people do not realize is that even if a computer is not connected to the internet, it's still vulnerable to an attack through the magic of war dialers.What are war dialers?War dialers. also known as hammer dialers, are special programs that call some phone number and wait for feedback. If the feedback is received within the first ring, the program knows it's a computer. Otherwise, it hangs up and dials a different number.The word war dialing was popularized by the movie War Games.  Although most networks nowadays have protection against war dialing, a more modern approach would be a port scan.Currently Juliar doesn't support any war dialing (unless someone already created a module for it); however, it does have two operations:
  1. Port scanning,
  2. Figuring out whether someone is port scanning your computer.
Let's talk about operations, first. We can easily do a port scan by using the Juliar fetch command with a range of ports (can be generated with a loop). So, by using something like *fetch=0,*range 80 1000 * * we can do a full scan of open ports on our computers. This is done in Juliar by trying to connect to ports and seeing whether it can connect. If it can, it displays the results. You can probably speed it up by using *block * in Juliar where you have something like *set=x  *block *fetch=0,*range 80 500 * *  ***set=y *block *fetch=0, *range 500 1000** ** ***deblock *get x** *deblock * get y**We can find if someone is port scanning our computer by setting a dummy Juliar program that, when activated, will output results to the screen. That's right, we can use *socketset=x 80 **block *loop=Infinity  *socket_onconnect=x Someone is scanning us! *  *wait 1**Hopefully, you enjoyed this tutorial!Thanks for your time, and comment below if you have any questions!
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