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How to Pass: Network+ Practice Test

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June 13, 2017

We've heard disappointment time and again at those who come to a certification exam feeling fully prepared, only to find out they've failed. Of those individuals, it seems a large number come to the exam with plenty of experience and assume they can get by on that alone. And while experience can certainly help, it's often the testing structure, questions, or wide range of material that can trip up even the most seasoned professional. That's where the Network+ practice test can help.You may be thinking that someone who has experience but can't pass may not be good at their job, or was lazy with their studies, but think back to high school taking the SATs. There are very few individuals who can sit an exam based on what they believe they know and pass with flying colors. Becoming a good test taker requires diligence and preparation for most.

Confidence is Key

Today I sat for and passed the N10-006 Network+ exam. It was my first time sitting for the exam.It was a tough exam in light of how broad the content coverage is. I just made it (by percentage I passed by about 3-4 questions, like an 84%). There was material on the exam that I had never even heard of considering my preparation. But, as you can see, I passed. So it’s possible if you put the time and effort in. And, some of you may likely have it far easier given your experience (I have zero).The Network+ exam doesn't get you on depth of material but on breadth of material. People with a lot of hands- on experience in the support sense may not have security knowledge. People with LAN experience may not have any WAN experience or infrastructure experience. My point is that it all requires study and the exam doesn't measure experience in every area but requires the candidate to gain knowledge to pass the exam.
  • John Mulligan, Network Administrator
Not every test is directly tied to your experience, a fact which may help or hinder you. That means professionals at all levels will need to do preparation work to fill in any gaps in their knowledge.Don’t let this fact frustrate or disheartened you, rather, use it as an opportunity to strengthen your all-around know. Practice tests can be particularly useful in this respect.

What is a Practice Test?

With the Network+ practice test, you gain 6-month access to a world of information that can help you succeed on the test, including analytics on your strengths and weaknesses.  This Practice Test has a few options available to enhance your learning experience:
  1. Customize your testing experience by configuring your practice test to suit your specific study needs. Select items by test objective, set study preferences and control how your answers are accessed.
  2. Select preset tests. These tests are made to provide a testing experience similar to a real testing environment. They are timed and filter questions like the certification exam. This option will help you determine your readiness for the certification exam.
  3. Flashcard review allows you to review concepts in a self-graded and unlimited environment. With hundreds of questions, these premade flashcards will help you understand concepts covered on the actual certification exam.

How Will it Help Me Pass?

If used correctly, the Network+ practice test will help you pass because it will ultimately give you a simulated exam in the same format with the same timing as a real exam. Often, we’re not used to taking an exam in this manner, so it helps us feel comfortable that the material, not the environment, is the focus. It all goes back to confidence.Similarly, you get feedback specific to topic areas that need improvement so you can spend time reviewing what you don’t know rather than wasting time going over all the content.We recommend first going through the exam in assessment mode (option 2, as listed above) to see what you know and don’t know going into the exam. Then, use options 1 and 3 to hone in on specific topics that need improvement. Lastly, go through option 2 as many times as needed until you feel comfortable going into the real test.

Transcender Network+ Practice Test Reviews

I found the Transcender Exams to be fantastic! The questions were more intense than the actual Network+ exam, and I felt were a tremendous learning tool. It has become a common practice for the training staff at our company to recommend your products. Thanks!
  • M.M.
I recently ordered the practice exams for the Network+ N10-006 test. I placed the order on Sunday October 5 and it arrived at my house within a few days. I had already scheduled the certification test to be taken on October 27. The test was a success! This was my first certification test that I have taken. Your product, without a doubt, was the best study material that I came across! I'm excited to get ready for the Security+ test. Without question, I will be ordering the Transcender practice tests for this exam. Keep up the good work
  • J.P.
*Note: These are real testimonials taken from the Transcender website. For more information, please visit their page.

Where Can I Get Mine?

The CompTIA Network+ practice test is available in the new Cybrary marketplace. You can find additional study materials for this exam and a variety of others there as well.

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