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How to Pass: CISSP Practice Exam

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By: Olivia

June 12, 2017

Taking a certification exam of any kind is a commitment, requiring both time and money, neither of which you want to waste. For those serious about taking the CISSP exam, you’ll want to ensure you pass on the first try. This post will offer guidance and reviews, as well as a tool to help you be successful in earning your certification: The CISSP practice exam.We’ve seen a lot of chatter on forums surrounding useful study tools, and want to offer some advice.

Confidence is Key

Although I suspected that I was doing okay on the exam, as I grew more psychologically exhausted doubt started creeping in… BIG TIME. By the time I finished reviewing my flagged questions, I figured I shouldn’t get my hopes up. When I clicked the finish button and didn’t immediately get my score, my heart sank. In the back of my mind I’d already resigned to studying another 8 weeks and then attempting the exam again. But, when I got to the front desk I was handed the paper. PASSED! Woot, Woot!It was almost like taking a few different exams combined into one. Some questions were surprisingly clear with only ONE obviously-correct answer. While other questions seemed to be from a completely different exam, where the questions were far less clear with three out of four answers might be correct. Many were the “think like a C-Level” type that I had read about, while other questions obviously wanted you to think like a technician… Luckily it was pretty apparent which role you were expected to play on a particular question, at least to me.Another thing I want to mention, although it could have been just my perception shifting as I became more and more mentally fatigued, but the questions seemed to get a little harder as the test progressed. I swear the first 100 questions seemed like something you might see on the Security+ exam, but later in the exam things seemed to get much more difficult. Trick of the mind? I don’t know, but I wanted to mention it.
  • brchap, Cybrary member
For the full review of this exam and the study materials used to pass, read the full post here.It seems however, the most important takeaway speaks to the design of the exam. The CISSP is an extensive test, obviously meant to strain the test taker and push beyond a simple question and answer scenario.Entering the test with confidence after having prepared to the best of your abilities is the best way to approach such a rigorous exam. Don’t let a test get inside your head. You know what you’ve prepared for and what you have not. That’s why a practice exam is so valuable.

What is a Practice Exam?

With the CISSP practice exam, you gain 6 month access to a world of information that can help you succeed on the exam, including analytics on your strengths and weaknesses.  This Practice Exam has a few options available to enhance your learning experience:
  1. Customize your testing experience by configuring your practice exam to suit your specific study needs. Select items by test objective, set study preferences and control how your answers are accessed.
  2. Select preset exams. These exams are made to provide a testing experience similar to a real testing environment. They are timed and filter questions like the certification exam. This option will help you determine your readiness for the certification exam.
  3. Flashcard review allows you to review concepts in a self-graded and unlimited environment. With hundreds of questions, these premade flashcards will help you understand concepts covered on the actual certification exam.

How Will it Help Me Pass?

If used correctly, the CISSP practice exam will help you pass because it will ultimately give you a simulated exam in the same format with the same timing as a real exam. Often, we’re not used to taking an exam in this manner, so it helps us feel comfortable that the material, not the environment, is the focus. It all goes back to confidence.Similarly, you get feedback specific to topic areas that need improvement so you can spend time reviewing what you don’t know rather than wasting time going over all the content.We recommend first going through the exam in assessment mode (option 2, as listed above) to see what you know and don’t know going into the exam. Then, use options 1 and 3 to hone in on specific topics that need improvement. Lastly, go through option 2 as many times as needed until you feel comfortable going into the real test.

Transcender CISSP Practice Exam Reviews

[I] Paid 4k for a CISSP Training Boot Camp and it was a waste of money... I stayed in class and listened to nonsensical drivel about stuff I already knew! Mid second day I left and purchased a 30 day Transcender license to CISSP and studied for 4 days and took test as scheduled. I can’t say it was an easy test...but Transcender familiarized me with the basic reasoning to understand what they asked. Gotta say though I will use these to get the paper for a few others that will enhance my stature in today’s IT world. Transcender is tops!!
  • J.S.
Transcender picks up where even the best CISSP books leave off - and then blows them away. I found the exam simulations to be great preparation for the real thing. Your exams covered every concept thoroughly and mimicked the actual test environment perfectly. I also found your answer explanations to be better written than any that I have found in those $50.00 books. When people ask me what I did to pass the test, I tell them, "I got the Transcender.
  • L.C.
*Note: These are real testimonials taken from the Transcender website. For more information, please visit their page.

Where Can I Get Mine?

An ISC2: Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) practice exam is available in the new Cybrary marketplace. You can find additional study materials for this exam and a variety of others there as well.

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