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Outlook Internal Error Message?

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By: kumarsandeep43

October 24, 2018

MS Outlook Shows Error Message Internal Error Code= 0000000E

MS Outlook has two types of data files OST and PST. While PST is stored online on server the OST or (Offline Storage Table) is stored on the local computer which is a replica of PST. Both are important for smooth functioning of MS Outlook. Problem in OST can harm PST file too at time of synchronization, so immediate action should be taken to repair Outlook OST file. Common error thrown by Outlook OST is “Internal Error Code = 0000000E”

The role of OST file is to provide data at a time when the exchange server is down or has been corrupted. If the Outlook cannot make proper connection with the exchange server on a slow connection then OST provides the resources required. An important aspect of OST file is that it can be converted to PST if the file got corrupted.

In comparison, OST -as opposed to PST- files are more prone to corruption as they are stored on user’s computer and any virus infected files may corrupt it. Update the anti-virus regularly and windows firewall (if on a Windows system) to prevent malicious files entering the computer.

Major causes of “Internal Error Code = 0000000E” are:

  • OST File is corrupted
  • Exchange Server and OST file are not properly synchronized
  • Location of storage of OST is changed
  • Size of the OST file exceeds the storage limit

How to resolve OST Internal Error Code = 0000000E

If you are looking for manual method to repair Outlook OST file for free then Scanost.exe is best tool. Microsoft provide this tool for free to scan the OST file and repair it. Scanost remove the inconsistency and fix issues with integrity. Windows 7 OS generally stores Outlook OST file at Drive:UsersuserAppDataLocalMicrosoftOutlook

Follow the given steps:

  • Close and Exit MS Outlook
  • Go to location where Outlook OST file is stored, if you do not know the location then go to start and search scanost.exe
  • Now launch the Scanost.exe tool
  • Select the general tab and click on properties
  • Click on Outlook option and select the profile of Outlook, finally click on OK
  • Now browse the OST file which is to be scanned with profile name
  • A new window will prompt to ‘Work Offline’ or ‘Connect’
  • Click on Repair Errors check box, this will find out the errors and repair them automatically
  • Click on Start to begin scan
  • The Scanost.exe will scan the outlook files and remove the errors
  • Now restart the MS Outlook the “Internal Error Code = 0000000E” will no longer will be displayed and you can work normally

Scanost is only designed to fix minor issues and if the corruption is high then the tool will not be able to fix them. Use the OST File repair tool to fix major errors. This will remove errors caused by synchronization in OST and Exchange Server. Coming to the features of MS Outlook OST Repair tool, it is highly recommended, reliable, efficient tool to fix outlook OST tool. Download the OST file repair tool from here

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