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Office 365 Updates to Enhance Productivity and Security

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By: seoweb2writer

June 8, 2018

With cloud services becoming increasingly popular among businesses, service providers are investing heavily in developing sophisticated tools that facilitate greater collaboration between employees, clients, etc. for increased productivity. The new and improved versions not only help increase productivity but also ensure the security of personal information and the data of clients and customers.

Accordingly, the latest updates to Office 365 offer additional capabilities to enhance productivity and secure digital assets in a cloud environment across any device such as PCs, hand-held devices, apps, cloud services, etc.  Additionally, these new updates help make the workflow simple and smooth to offer a better user experience.

If you are considering using Office 365 for your business, these new updates will definitely convince you to try this powerful cloud service.

Fast and Easy IT Updates

Delivery optimization makes it easy to download and deliver the updates on all devices on the same network. Initially, one device will get the updates, and then with the help of a local network, all other devices on the network will receive these updates. This reduces the bandwidth required for downloading the updates and avoids tying up resources so updates happen faster.

Delivering updates becomes easy and faster with ConfigMgr, as it automates downloads for Office 365 Proplus and for Windows 10. Updates happen in the automated system in batches, one after the other without breaking the pattern.

Insights to Help Analyze Data

Machine learning helped the Insights function in Excel with an update that helps highlight the trends once you key in the data so you spend more time analyzing the trends than identifying the trends. You need to select the “Insert Button” option that is on the top of the Excel interface to access “Insights.”

Ensuring Compatibility of Apps

In an attempt to ensure that all apps are compatible with plugins and macros, Microsoft has developed the Readiness Toolkit for Office. The toolkit utilizes a unique tool, “Application Health Analyzer,” to assess the compatibility and ensure that all apps, macros, and plugins are compatible with updates for Windows 10.

Windows Autopilot

Flexible device management is extremely important in an environment where employees and clients work from multiple geographical locations and users need to work on the go. Windows Autopilot, with the help of enrollment status, can configure settings and apps on a device, managing it from the cloud. That way, the IT department does not need to configure each individual device to make sure it is compatible and secure.

Once the user enters the credentials, the device automatically configures itself, making sure it complies with the security policies of the company.

Security Updates

The new security updates to Office 365 help prevent ransomware and phishing attacks.

Now you can easily detect and discard dangerous emails and attachments with sophisticated email scanning and AI analysis. The new security updates to automatic link check helps employees avoid accessing phishing websites. Additionally, updates to secure devices offer them protection helping them avoid interaction with malicious websites on devices that contain ransomware, etc.

Compliance Updates

Complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a Data Privacy Tab has been included to help users execute any data subject requests.

Privileged Access

With privileged access management, you can now give just-in-time access to admin roles to prevent misuse of admin powers. In addition, the Multi-Geo capabilities help users control the location of the data in accordance with data location and compliance requirements.

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